JUITMUN 2017 - The Summit of Reason

18-19 March, 2017

Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, Solan



"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates
Socrates' philosophical importance lies not only in the fact that he gave us the theory of Conflict and its perpetual existence in our lives; but he also made us turn realize that there will always be a need for resolution.
As the Secretary General, it is with profound gratification that I extend my invitation you to the 7th edition of JUIT Model United Nations Conference.
Since its inception, JUITMUN has grown to be known as a Conference that pits the best of the region's talent against each other in a battle of wit and diplomacy. I invite you once again, on behalf of the entire Secretariat to be a part of an experience that is totally engaging, eventful and educational. You can resolve the Maritime and territorial issues in the UNCLOS or you can be a part of the UNHRC and contribute to making a world where people have a home of dignity, morality and safety. Moreover, individuals with an inclination towards the world of journalism and photography can also explore their potential by working as members of the international press and covering both councils through the official newsletter.
Let this not be an opportunity to just gain knowledge, but an opportunity to apply that knowledge from a legal and practical perspective. If you, as a delegate or a member of press can do something to bring about real change in the world, I invite you to explore how this can be achieved, and on what basis, under what framework and in what capacity. The mark of an excellent MUN delegate is a never ending pursuit to gain knowledge and perspective and JUITMUN ’17 will specially cater to such individuals.
The fabric of the JUIT-MUN experience lies in the standards set by our delegates and as it is said, "What you make of it is what it becomes." . Delegates and press members, the power is yours.
Hoping to see you at the conference.

Yours truly,

Sufal Mahajan

United Nations Human Rights Council

Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

With decades of establishing Universal Human Rights there is still a distant dream for many to realize. The banished Slavery has now taken many new treacherous forms. It is up to you our fellow delegates, to free the world of Slavery and deliver what were promised to every human. It is up to you, the representative of your mighty people to lead the humanity to a brave new world.

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

Settling International Maritime and Territorial Disputes

Nations have much at stake in this globalized and competitive world, which is ever thirsty for resources. Conflicting claims on seas and oceans rake up dissension, threatening peace and stability in these troubled times. Come and bear the charge to unravel The Conflicts of States. Come and take a stand to establish The Law of the Sea.